Monday, January 08, 2018



Went to the movies on Saturday to see THE DARKEST HOUR, a great movie that covers Sir Winston Churchill's ascendancy to the Prime Ministry of The United Kingdom, culminating at the rescue at Dunkirk of almost 300,000 men on the beaches from Hitler's Germany.

Sir Winston
The movie came by the title THE DARKEST HOUR not because of the UK's travails, but because it was my darkest hour. As TLW (The Little Woman) was online purchasing the tickets, I went to the candy counter and ordered one large popcorn to share.

"Uh, give me a large popcorn, please. And these two bottles of water."

"You want one large popcorn and two small bottles of water?"


"$18.80, please."


"$18.80, please."


Gary Oldman

You would think the crooks would at least provide a better wardrobe with the asking, say a gun and mask! That is highway robbery brought indoors.

Gary Oldman was terrific in the part and the money brought home to life the measure of the man. It takes you into the depths of the war room in London during Britain's darkest hour, the danger of imminent loss of 300,000 men in Europe to the Germans on the beaches of Dunkirk, and how he masters a rescue to save the British army on the beach and the nation of Great Britain and subjugation by Nazi Germany.


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