Friday, January 05, 2018


Every year since TLW (The Little Woman) went back to work, when it comes to the weather, I worry. Be it the dog days of August or the frigid days of January, weather plays a part in my mental peace.

As I write this we are on a winter storm alert. It is coming with hurricane force winds, creating blizzard conditions! The streets this early in the storm are still passable, but that is changing quickly. I went out earlier to fetch my newspaper, leaving tracks behind me, and once again about a half hour later, there were no tracks visible from my first trek!

Roads are frozen over, winds are building up, the cold penetrates your clothes, especially in your legs, your nose runs, and your ears tingle, and your toes seem to disappear. Three inches of snow per hour are expected, all day long! All this is very ominous.

So, I ask you, why would anyone want to go out in these conditions? Why would anyone risk their life for a bank transaction, even an emergency one when you have banking by computer, and you can increase your cash availability with a debit card?

Every year TLW goes off to work, knowing she is putting herself in peril doing so. Some years they call for late openings at the Wanna-Be Bank and Truss Co. I anxiously worry about her getting to the job instructing her to call me when she gets there and being prepared to go out and find her if I need to.

Every morning we sit and watch the TV and the school closing reports, and wonder if the Wanna-Be Bank and Truss Company will cancel the day. You call a hotline and they say they will open, then 5 minutes later the TV crawl shows a late opening.

But today… we got the call! Early on, before 6:30 AM, they are CLOSED!!!!

Hallelujah, no worries today!


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