Friday, February 09, 2018


Yesterday I was perusing a catalog from a company that sells all kinds of product. The product list is considerable and covers a lot of different areas. Some of the product are whimsical, some seem like a good idea and some just plain dumb.

In the catalog was an insert from a company I followed for years for their techniques in selling collectible products. Things like coins, South African Krugerrands and dolls among many other things are sold with impressive sales pitches usually in the form of collectibles. They offer certificates of ‘Authenticity' and make the readers want to buy these things. Miniature cars cast in some metal made in plastic are sold as if they really were valuable.

Back in the 80's, collectible plates were a big thing, and when you had the series, they had you.

As I was reading the different little pup set ads, something fell out of the catalog, a free-standing insert by this company, and let me tell you, people will buy anything, just make up a reason.

On the inset was a lamp that they expect people with taste to set in their homes on a desk, table or what have you, of the ugliest thing I have ever seen being sold, Yoda the Jedi, his words and a shade that comes with all this for $21.99!

I would rather own a statue of Buddha or Christ with the spiritual implications than this Yoda with its commercial links, void of any philosophic reasons other than filling someone's pockets.


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