Thursday, February 08, 2018


I'm currently ghost-writing a book for someone. It is a book about a child growing up in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn during the late 40's or early 50's. It is an interesting production because of my own passion for those times as I grew up in Brooklyn.

The person who wants this book is a lot like myself, from an Italian family, with the values that we were taught in the streets of Brooklyn. There were valuable lessons that we took from the experiences into adulthood, the naked sense of survival, of loyalty, of adventure and of course the strong support from the main base, our family.

Much of what I am writing he says in his own words, relating stories and events as he saw them having an impact that became a visual imprimatur for things in his life. I am simply retelling it per his request. The added experiences of his life are simply mine. I am painting a picture with a broader brush, adding details that translate into a more realistic experience.

I'm writing everything in the present tense so as to bring the reader into the street, home, and school where these events occurred and help the reader live it. I have added my own insights to the stories and can feel AND RELIVE them as I do, making this writing experience whole. There are few things I have done creatively that gave me the pleasure this experience does.

The book is titled: A PLACE CALLED BROOKLYN. I hope to have this book published and on bookshelves by June. Wish me luck.


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