Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I’m a very bad husband. Yes, all you who thought I was the bests were wrong!

The other day I got a present given to me, a thoughtful gift that although wasn’t monumental in terms of monetary value or size was indeed major in scope. Someone gave me this gift and it was wrapped in a gift bag with a bow and everything. A beautiful presentation and it made me feel wonderful.

As I drove home with it, I started t think that maybe I’ll leave it unwrapped, untied and in full sight. Now why would I do such a thing? To get my wife’s curiosity going and see what she asks me about it. More importantly, how will I answer her question, and/or will I?

After 47 years of marriage, there is very little left to the imagination about the other. We seen us in all kinds of situations and I won’t go into details, but you get the idea. So why not make this a mystery? We do a lot together when we do something. We eat together, sleep together and watch TV together, regardless if one of us is awake or not.

I will drive her crazy if I don’t tell her what’s in the bag, it will make her think I’m hiding something, and that will should drive her to distraction, and create more intrigue for her. The more I can hide from her will make it fun, and the more fun I have makes me happy.

How long will I hold out? I don’t know, but I’d love to set a new personal record. I don’t have any secrets from her, although I feel she may have some on me, I will play this to the hilt and see her in divorce court I guess.


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