Monday, March 12, 2018


Way back in 1988, when things were still simple in the political world compared to today, there was an unctuous and slimy politician as they can come. He remade himself into another image, one that was revered and missed. He tried to fool the American public because he wanted something, to be the President of the United States, just as his inspiration was, John F. Kennedy. Combing his hair, posturing and speaking like Kennedy. He even changed his name to create an effect and had all the ingredients of a usual politician, dishonest and scheming.

Garry Hart, aka Hartpence, was on his way to be president if he could convince the American public to accept that fact. He almost got away with it. As a US Senator, he had support from his constituency and they believed.

Then one day a little monkey business occurred and Senator Hart(pence)  was in the center of it all, cheating on his wife. He lost all hope of ever being president because the public would not have it. America would not demean the office of POTUS, would not go so low as to reward this cheater the highest office.

Now as we scan the horizon, we have a new set of rules, a new set of moral standards that we need not care about or boast of. A minority has been able to successfully do what the moral majority could not prevent, elect a man with such low ideals, a man without a moral compass, and a man who has more ex-wives than people who attended his inauguration! His supporters managed to get a shovel to dig deeper and lower than we ever have gone before and in the process lowered the high ideals of the leader of the Free World we used to cherish.

This man who calls himself President of the United States has demeaned his office and family, his mindset, that of a child and comes with his childish antics. But most of all, he has demeaned his Country: the one he swore to protect, defend, and serve.

When I see him hold a press conference, I cringe at his childish name calling, acting and parading in front of millions of people, yet he has a crowd behind him, cheering and urging him on, a crowd with no sense of what is respectable or decent.

This is the action of a pre-adolescent, pre-pubic child, one we need to send to his room without recognizable respect. In other words: kick him out on his stupid ass.


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