Friday, March 02, 2018


You call it something else.

OK, what am I talking about?

Recently I got the news that my diabetes is getting out of control. Diet, exercise, and determination don't seem to work anymore. It seems like something is happening that I can't explain. I was just taking oral insulin and now I take a needle along with all the pills.

So, I decided that it was time to dig a little deeper and get really crazy with the food and drink. No more manhattans for cocktails, absolutely no sugar drinks or things of that nature, and plain desserts that don't have high sugar content.

I adopted a cookbook for diabetics and selected some recipes that my wife would like as well. I am not dragging her down with me to eat diabetic and ruining her life. We found one for meatloaf, so, we tried it.

The meatloaf was OK, and if you add hot sauce it is much better, yet so is the grade of indigestion you get, heartburn gripping our chests as both my wife and I had it that whole night and into late morning. This little fact does not deter me from using the cookbook one more time. This time we are making a Mediterranean Seafood with Pasta dish.

So, I look at the recipe and discover they may have moved the Mediterranean Sea up near Norway. Looking over the recipe, I see something missing! This recipe is supposed ‘Mediterranean' fish dinner with pasta, where is the garlic, where are the anchovy and red pepper flakes? There is carrot, onion, celery and both red and green peppers, but NO garlic?

Who created this recipe, Eric the Norseman? Neither Garlic or anchovy or even red pepper flakes will give you diabetes, so it's all going in.


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