Thursday, March 01, 2018


Do you recall if you are over 65 a show called: WHO DO YOU TRUST?

The show aired back in the 60's and it was fun to watch. Johnny Carson was one of the hosts and it made him a household name.

We now have another household name, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump when he took office, lied first about the size of the inaugural crowd and hasn't stopped lying since. His staff, twenty of Donald Trump's White House staff and advisors have been fired or resigned since last night, Hope Hicks being the last.

So many of his staff are already indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office and Robert Mueller.

Thank God for a Robert Mueller! Even in Trump's own family, they are losing their security clearance and by the way, what the Hell are they doing involved in foreign policy, and the fate of my country?

Trump wails against what he calls "Fake News!" Yet time and again he lies to both his party and his supporters while attacking the media for fake news.

The Administration is dysfunctional and unraveling quickly, loss of respect from our allies, his own base starting to wither away and the trust of the American people all but gone and certainly suspecting what he says, so who do we trust?

I think it is time for Mr. Trump to head back to Trump Tower and find a closet and hide until 2021.


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