Thursday, April 12, 2018


The World she is a changing. It seems that protocol, respect, and consideration are all out the window these days.

Until recently, when I got an email it started with Dear Joe, or Joe or Dear Mr. Del Bloggolo, but that was until recently.

Letters came in the mailbox, and they too had a proper salutation of Dear Mr. or Sir or even Dear Joe, but that too is no more.

I notice a trend form younger people that start off their emails with "Hey", and I just know that I will start getting letters with the salutation of Hey.

A few days ago my wife handed me a piece of paper she found in my mailbox. It read:

"Hey I noticed the Mercury sitting without plates. If you want to sell it running or not please call me Ben @ 631 555 5432 thanks."

Once again ‘Hey" and the rest of the note is with all the capitalization and punctuation as is in the original note.

Not only are we losing the ability to write in script, we are losing the ability to even use full words. I wonder what the final result will be like when everyone starts signing their names with an ‘X'?


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