Sunday, April 08, 2018


It seems every year the doctors get together and start bothering me. The dentist, the eye doctor, the GP, the heart doctor and make my life miserable.

All these doctors mentioned will crowd their scheduled office visits maybe inside of two weeks because they hate me. The ways things happen and with my luck, they will even call in a gynecologist!

Here is how everything works: The GP sends me to the eye doctor who may or may not take a pass, where he will send off the baton to the dentist, who will plan out weeks of appointments and his vacation for the Fall.

Now it usually gets interesting. The dentist then calls the heart doctor to mention that I batted my tonsils twice while my mouth was open and I was drooling. If you ever went to a cardiologist, then you know what this means: TESTS! Lots of tests over months of time must be planned. After all, he has to plan his vacation for the winter.

There will be scans, probes, and stress tests, enough for you to not be able to breathe again ever. While they are torturing me, the GP will call me to tell me I need to go for a colonoscopy!

The best thing about all of them is when they walk into the examining room, the first thing they ask is how I'm doing.


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