Monday, April 30, 2018


Today I decided to put on the screens for the front door since April we will go right into the fire. WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING????

So, I go into the basement and bring up the screens to replace the glass panels in the door. Suddenly the phone rings and it is Aetna Home Delivery Service. On the other end of the conversation is a woman with a thick Spanish accent! I can’t understand a damned thing she is saying and she is telling me something about my prescription that I can’t understand.

I look out the door and there is the delivery truck with a new chair for my wife. Meanwhile, Ricky Ricardo’s sister is asking for my membership number, I give it to her then she starts telling me (a few times) that she only has part of the number, so, I tell her again.

I let in the delivery guys and direct them to the right place to put the chair. “Do you want to try it out?” No, I want you to speak to the Spanish lady on the phone to direct her and her company to visit Satan.

The problem with Aetna is they are constantly screwing up my prescriptions, I am running out of them and this is the third time on this present period of prescriptions that they are screwing it up, the incompetent louts.


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