Saturday, April 07, 2018


Your 'Go-to source for Presidential Information.
I was watching a segment of News 12 LI when a reporter started to ask about how much the general public really knew about the past President's p0f the United States of
Three men were projected on the screen and people were asked to identify them. The ‘They' were the youth and onset of middle age people. Both men and women were asked to identify the three presidents and they could only name one, George Washington.
Then the reporter asks who of the following were either Presidents or not.

People such as Polk, Tyler were not identified as president while people like Franklin were called a president.

Of course, there were the trick questions: (A photo of Franklyn Delano Roosevelt). Reporter: "Can you identify this man as a president or not?"
Respondent: President Roosevelt?
Report: Which one?
Respondent: Uh…???

Frankly, (Either Pierce or Roosevelt) I am a little concerned about the education that is being meted out on Long Island. Stuff that I had to know even if I missed every day of classes in my youth I should still know, yet these young people have no idea of.

I think the government should open an ‘Office of Presidential Information' that would be available to answer presidential questions, trivia, and facts. It needs someone with competence to head this new department, and I would immediately nominate my daughter-in-law Courtney Hyde Del Broccolo and as her #2, Darby Shea, my granddaughter.


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