Monday, May 07, 2018


My everyday view

Saying goodbye to your home of over thirty years is not only difficult it is painful. There is a sadness that seems like a death has occurred or will be soon. The sweet echoes of yesterday seem to linger longer than they should, but yet you can’t seem to let go of them. All you ever said or done seems to play out in your mind in a quick succession of visions and sounds.

We are about to place our home of over 30-years on the market, and when we do we will close out the final chapter of our lives. Children growing up, parents who once visited, relatives and friends who sat and related stories will be a thing of the past. Even death had a part to play in this place we call home it too had meaning.
My Wall of Frame
I can still hear my youngest son sitting in his bath in the upstairs bathroom, small enough to occupy the sink and leave room to spare. I see his older brother putting up a computerized ‘WELCOME HOME MIKE’ across our den on the day we took Mike home for the first time.

I still remember how happy I as to have reached this place, it as a step up from our starter house, no more renovations to do, just maintaining it, yet today we think of turning it over for someone to renovate and so the cycle of life goes on.

For myself, I will miss my den, the room I spend all my time in during most of my waking hours, utilizing my computer, watching TV, and reading, problem-solving and planning for the next day. My countless hours on the phone with agency business and a place where I can look across and find my wife asleep after a long day-thinking life is perfect now.

Maybe where I’m going will have a character of its own, one where I can identify and make it a home, my last home until eternity.


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