Saturday, May 05, 2018


She's with dumbass

It’s in the marriage license, in the fine print somewhere that most young men are unaware of. It states that your spouse will question knowledge gained either prior or consequently obtained.

Such things as repairs around the domicile, when they will be completed and by who shall fall under the clause titled: "Tacē, Maritus!" This is the perfectly acceptable legal translation by the TORO Law School if they cared.

Case in point: installing a gate alarm for a pool, perhaps a smoke detector, or even a recipe that requires a certain method of both ingredients and style of cooking. What this translates to is that the wife (spouse of the first part) will question husband (spouse of the second part) relentlessly, without duly considering sanity or the fact that the husband must bear responsibility for proposing in the first place, being foolish enough to think he can make the repairs, and his lousy history that mars his past.

The wife, all-knowing and not afraid to let husband know it will bring into question often and without cessation until the husband cries, possibly asking for his mommy.

Just an FYI as my Sunday gift to you.


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