Sunday, June 03, 2018


Peter Sellers was one of the funniest people in movie land. I saw all of his movies and laughed myself to tears doing so. His French accent capped off his use of English like no other could.

“It is the lieu!” (It is the law) was one of his best lines for me, and every time he said it I laughed.

Recently I was driving home from Connecticut and as I entered New York State at a clip of 75mph in a 50 mph zone I saw the highway patrol too late. He jumped out from the side of the road and gave chase as I looked to pull over.

As my grandmother, Francesca would have said: “JOE-JOE, you
getta ticketta”

Humbly and believe it or not, gratefully, I accept the ticket and acknowledge that I deserve it. I wasn’t paying attention and I put not only my life in danger, but, those of my fellow passenger, drivers and the policeman that chased me by my carelessness.

What has happened is I am now paying better attention to speed limits. I usually did before the ticket but now even more so. Stop signs I always obeyed, even in the dead of night on an abandoned road with no one watching.

In the long run, the ticket may have saved my life, or that of someone else’s by reminding me I need to slow down.


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