Thursday, July 05, 2018


Dear Friends ,

I cannot begin to tell you all that the public support you have given us is humbling, overwhelming, and truly appreciated. Thank you all in these dark times helping us get up from a knockout blow to go on fighting.

We are no stranger to adversity, tragedy, or the mental and emotional agony that attends the horrific times. There are no yardsticks to measure it, no thermometers to regulate it, it comes when it wants and never leaves. My family has always held together and will from this day forward. We know there is support when it is needed and we learn from it to support others in their times of tragedies, it’s the human spirit that takes over.

It is curious why these things happen, I know they can be punishing and turbulent in their mass, but also rearming in their result, for hope never dies we all put forward one step at a time and collectively move on with helping support and belief that tomorrow will be a better day, it always is.

In one hundred years from now, few in this world will know of Courtney, but she will be a legend to her children and grandchildren, and Anthony will be remembered as the super grandpa he will be, with strength and dignity that he will instill in his following blood-line, this I assure you.

As we awaken from the cold dark night and step into the sunshine once again, let’s celebrate a remarkable lady that gave the world so much of value; her heart, her inner beauty, and soul, and most of all her children.

As for me, I will relish in the fact that such a wonderful woman as Courtney was part of my family, something no one else can say, and even for a short while I knew her, she will visit my heart every day as I long as I live.

Thank you, all.



  • Dear Mr. Del Broccolo,

    Your beautiful writing floats across the coast and fills my heart.

    Keep on writing. And then write some more. For me. For you. And for those you love.

    Wishing your family strength and peace during this incomprehensibly difficult time.

    Judith Bickel

    By Blogger JG B, at 10:28 AM  

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