Sunday, July 08, 2018


The flight from California is long, over five hours of flight time and taxiing on the tamarack seemed even longer at JFK International Airport.

Sluggishly we dragged our selves from the aircraft, headed to the baggage claim area to get our suitcases and headed out to the street where the Air Park shuttle would pick us up. We were in no mood to wait for anything any longer. Fortunately, our shuttle to the parking garage where we deposited our car before heading out to California arrived fairly quickly. TLW (The Little Woman) headed on the shuttle bus and sat on the front row of passenger seats, adjacent to the folding doors to the shuttle.

The driver was a nice fellow who eagerly took our bags and off we went, except he had to make a few stops at other airline terminals before we headed to the garage and our car.

Immediately TLW leaned toward me and whispered in my ear that we needed to get to the counter at the garage first or we would be waiting on a long line of customers.

We developed a plan.

As the shuttle pulled into the parking lot of the parking garage, I would stand before the shuttle stopped and block the aisle before anyone got up to race to the counter to check out! TLW would immediately get off the shuttle and race into the office and I would then get the bags from the back of the shuttle.

Pulling into the garage, there is this big burly guy sitting in the seat next to us across the aisle, as the shuttle drew near the garage as we swung into the parking area! I was on my feet blocking everyone else as my 70 something-year-old wife and co-conspirator jumped up and as the doors opened ran into the office, first in line.
It was our first caper as such in all the years of our marriage, 47 by my count. I would have high fived her except it wouldn’t look good for two seventy-something year-olds acting so strangely, let alone so young.


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