Saturday, August 04, 2018


Being retired and alone all day while TLW (The Little Woman) is at work there is no one to talk to. This can be a problem when I hear voices and there is no one there, but it is not for me, you, I planned for the loneliness.

A few years ago I installed a new home alarm. It is a great thing to have since it can tell you when a door or window gets opened. When a door opens it says in a woman’s voice: “Front door!”

Being home alone, she is the only one to talk to me. That is until I get on my computer. On my computer there is a voice, a woman's voice, that announces, asks questions and aggravates me all day long as I work either writing or designing. At least she is communicating.

If the lady in the door alarm or the one who resides in my computer is not paying attention I have been known to slip out the door and into my car. Guess what? There’s a lady in my GPS, and that means another woman telling me where to go! I’ve got that dumb broad on my I-phone, Siri, who half the time can’t answer, correctly my questions.

Now I could put in male voices, but if I did that, I would get pissed off and then an argument would really ensue, besides, it is like I said: “another woman telling me where to go!”

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