Monday, August 06, 2018


The magic wand
Optimum, the local cable company that supplies me with the internet, phone and Television service was recently purchased by a French company: Altice.

Recently we experienced some difficulty with our TV reception on certain channels, the picture would freeze up and disappear, leaving us with a void on those particular channels. Discovering it was our cable connection from the wall, we replaced it after swapping out two cable boxes, one upstairs in our bedroom and one down in the den. We used to get Apple TV and the ability to DVD record shows we wanted to see at a later time. We no longer have that ability, yet we are paying for it and the stupid cable company won’t send anyone to fix it until Tuesday.

Optimum praises itself for offering technical help that comes to your home if it is their fault that you have a problem. Following what they told us is when we lost a lot of our services, but it won’t be corrected until Tuesday.

Here is the big question: will I be paying for the services I don’t get any more until they fix it? Or will they pretend that it isn’t an issue and I should continue to pay?

Altice, the parent company that recently adopted Optimum is setting policy if I ask them that question will they understand me or wait until they get a translator?

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