Sunday, August 05, 2018


I went to my doctor for a script or two for a CT of my chest with contrast and an echocardiogram. Once I had the scripts I had to call Zwanger and Pesiri for an appointment. Making a choice of which office to go to is up to me since they are all over the Long Island area.

Then there was the actual phone call and the lady that took all my information. There were questions that were asked twice, numbers they wanted that I didn’t really have and finding a time and day.

Her: “When would you like to come in?

Me: “As soon as possible?”

Her: Is Monday good?”

Me: “Yes, Monday will be fine!”

Her: “Sorry, Monday isn’t available. Want to try for Wednesday PM.?”

Me: “Uh… sure. What time do you have available?”

Her: “3:30.”

And so I will finally get some closure on why I am in pain for the last 8 weeks. The pain sees to be growing and getting more intrusive as the day go by, from my back on occasion to my back on all occasions, making it impossible to sometimes breathe, move or even sit or walk. Shifting my weight is now a problem as is just turning slightly. This is making me nervous.

I hate to go to doctor’s appointments and wait in their waiting rooms. You go to the front desk and they immediately ask if you are insured, what medications you take and would you mind filling out the clipboard with a questionnaire that you need two hands to hold because there are so many damned papers to fill out, my favorite question being the address of my primary care physician.

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