Monday, September 10, 2018


It isn’t enough that I lost a beautiful daughter-in-law and all that has made the lives of her husband my son and my grandchildren difficult and never the same, that my daughter fell and had a brain bleed this year I almost lost my life too!

Today as I was driving to meet my high school classmates for lunch, someone who should not be driving drove her car into mine, T-Boning me and causing me to sway through traffic in a driving rain, frantically trying to avoid a catastrophe.

The sense of swerving and circling on the rain-slickened road at oncoming traffic can scare the hell out of one.

When it all stopped, the skidding, swirling and trying to do my best to avoid killing myself and others and came to a rest on the side of the road, I wondered why I wasn’t dead yet. Yet like instant replay, it all ran through my mind once again. I got out of my car and looked at the damage. My driver side door and back door were smashed in, totally destroyed. I park miles away from the entrances of stores to avoid getting dings in my doors only to have it all wiped-out with one blow.

The other driver was not hurt and came running over to me and asked if I was hurt. She had her obligatory cell phone in her hand I wondered if she wanted to call an ambulance for me. At the moment I smelled a skunk. I think pot was in the mix.

Anyway, driving minding your business, doing the speed limit does not ensure you can go anywhere safely.

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