Thursday, September 13, 2018


I returned to the Enterprise Car Rental and traded in my toy for a big boy’s car. From driving around with shorts, suspenders and knee socks yesterday, I now put on pants once again with a belt. I surrendered or should I say gladly gave back my kiddy car, the Mini Cooper.

This time I am driving a Chevy Malibu, just like a native Californian. I might even strap on a surfboard and wear my sunglasses as I drive around the incorporated village of Holbrook. But if I do that I have to wear a bathing suit and sandals, too much to think about.

Don’t get me wrong, the Mini Cooper is a really fun car to drive, easy to parallel park, great backup camera and since you are so tight in the compactness of the front seat, you can turn on any button with just your nose, never having to make your hand leave the steering wheel! Trouble was when I looked to my left I kept turning on and off the radio!

My Chevy Malibu, made in the good ole US of A is my kind of car. Black and It has a sunroof that you regulate with the touch of a button and instantly your disposition changes from grey and dark to grey and sunny, as does my complexion.

Picking up old babes will be a cinch since I can now accommodate both a walker and cane. How neat is that, I will be able to stay out past 4:30 pm! And wait until I pull up for the early bird special, a lot of grey mammas will be turning their heads!

I am a sucker for compartments. If a car has a compartment it is a fine automobile. There is a place to put my drawing pad, Prell, extra napkins from Burger King and ketchup and salt, pepper packets and aspirin, all can be neatly stored as I peruse the streets of Holbrook with my radio playing loudly: ‘It’s Impossible’, by Perry Como!

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