Saturday, September 22, 2018


She is amazing, akin to a wounded battleship, rudderless and circling slowly as the enemy peppers away at her, her guns firing and blazing away in defiance! ‘She’ is my daughter Ellen.

It takes a crew of people to try to convince her to do anything she feels she shouldn’t do, from taking her blood pressure to a medication. Try to move her and you will be carried out on a stretcher as she pummels you to the edge of eternity.

She does not tolerate anyone who gets in her space and will strike out. It is amazing that she can be like this and yet be one of the sweetest people in the world when she wants to be. Usually, she is happy in fact the only two words in her vocabulary are Mamma and Happy. If she knows you she will hug you, pat you on the back and say happy to you, a smile a mile long.

But it is this very spirit that makes her so strong, so resilient and tough, as she has to deal in a world of uncertain futures and destinations. She has weathered broken legs brain bleeds and recently a hip replacement.

All her life with her disability she has made life accommodate her, not the other way around. The people who know her best love her the most. However, she has left every hospital with people relieved to see her go and yet sorry she is going.

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