Tuesday, September 11, 2018


“I know my people are the chosen ones, but could you choose someone else for a change?”

To paraphrase the main character in Fiddler on the Roof, I feel like those many poor Jews who have been prosecuted by evil all their lives and yet stay the path of belief in God. People have been telling me that my angels and God decided to spare my life, after all, I am needed by my family.

Through the course of my life, I have dealt with issues, I am about 90% deaf in both ears, have had to learn to survive as a young child by teaching myself how to lip-read. This all led to a very sad and unhappy childhood as I was reaching myself to solve these problems.

Then, of course, came all the other sadness, the death of my daughter-in-law, my child’s death and my daughter’s disability, all contribute to the larger bigger than life issues I face every day.

But let’s not dwell, let’s not feel sorry, we all have pain and issues, we all need to close a door and cry, alone, and without hesitation.

I just wish if God will choose someone else for a short while so I can rest a bit.

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