Tuesday, November 06, 2018


My polling place
I went to my polling place to vote for a mixed bag of candidates. I hate all politicians and vote for the lesser of the evils presented. As I scanned the list of evilness, I noticed a lot of candidates I never heard of and are running for things that probably we could do without.

The list included a lot of the same old evil and some newer evilness. I vote my considerable weight behind a lot of women; they can do a better job and on the whole are the lesser of the evils.

There were hard choices to make, one gubernatorial candidate I can’t stand but did something I did like, but in the end, he got a thumbs down. Of course, the unknown evils left me with a dilemma, so I created criteria for voting, if they were Italian and Irish surnames, they got my vote, after all my kids are half an half. Sometimes a Pole ran and I voted for him or her because of my nieces and nephews being half Polish. I consider this criterion on the run when you have never heard of the candidates before. (Pretty sad) I think if you are committing to run for an office you should be given a minimum of exposure at least to the voters before Election Day.

Usually, mid-term elections are ho-hum, especially on rainy days, but with the Donald in office, it seems to be an emergency and necessity to get out their and vote. The polarization is extreme these days.

So get out there and vote, hee-hee and vote often.

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