Sunday, November 04, 2018


With every life come the pair, the joys, and sorrows of our singular existence, like life and death it is inevitable and complete. We try to live within the safety margins of life and joy and sometimes find ourselves falling over the precipice of sorrows, deep valleys of sadness and hopelessness. The days can dawn bright and sunny or they can dawn dark and foreboding, unfairly unleashing the heavy heart of tears and despair.

Today as I look around I see both and realize this is what life will always be. There is no tomorrow to speak of, life seems to have passed by and the hope for tomorrow falls to the next generation.

I can remember my grandmother as she visited or when we went to her house. She was a walking history of why I am, and her history like my parents and mine is filled with the joy and sorrow that comes with life.

There is too much sorrow in this world to pay attention to it and allow it to take over one’s life, for the darkness scars my soul so I avoid the prolonged psychological exposure that I could fall to. Instead, I look forward to the next moments, the new day and sunrise, accept the clouds and put one foot in front of the other and renew my resolve to carry on.

This past year has been a year filled with sorrows, deep and troubling one for which I cannot easily escape from. As a father I have to be there at all times, as a husband, I have to be there every time, as a friend I must always find the time and as an advocate, I must step up, speak my mind and risk the slings and arrows that will bring on anther dark new day. In spite of all that I need to preserve my own gyroscope of emotional stability and stay the course.

Death, injury, shock, and despair will be there tomorrow, hopefully, as I travel, so will personal joy. Joy in marriage, children and my new found happiness: my grandchildren.

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