Saturday, November 03, 2018


After over 7 weeks of rehabbing (not really), of days all by herself and stuck in a bed or recliner in a strange place, my daughter Ellen is finally coming home.

It seems that the rules of Medicaid seem to be in abundance and must be followed by all who take the assistance from it. This is sensible and makes for a better source of funding for the people who need it. Corruption and dishonesty being what it is, the innocent have to suffer too. Medicaid is a wonderful program and along with Medicare can really help people who suffer physically.

When someone rehabs who has developmental disabilities they live under procedures and laws that are designed to protect the system and the individual. The need to exam physically, to determine the safety of transporting that someone from a bed to a wheelchair and the assistance to do so is paramount to Medicaid and the state to allow such things for the individual.

There will be a meeting of the minds, nurses, physical therapist, her agency AHRC Suffolk and of course the guardians. There are medical opinions that are needed and advocacy such as caseworkers who are her advocates as well as parents are.

But all that will be over by Monday, and Ellen will be home once again, home to her friends, friends who are family to her.

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