Monday, January 28, 2019


That could be the title of every day of the week when it comes to the news.

The biggest price increase since 1991 by the U.S. Postal Service is being considered: the ‘FOREVER STAMP’ will go to 55 cents!

Someone wants to build a wall to show us he is not a wimp after all. His supporters called him one and he decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore. So anyone who didn’t say anything about his lack of manhood will pay for this slight.

There are over 4 Billion people using FaceBook daily, 24/7, it seems there is too much power from this social medium, and the government just realized it. When did we the people discover this? When Trump won the White House with the help of the Russkies.

Need a candidate for the 2020 elections? What! You are? You mean you’re not running? It seems that everyone seems to be running, confident they could win, hands down.

The talking heads go on about every breath Trump takes. They talk about what is immoral, illegal, and not truthful. They have been saying for the past two and a half years how this is the end of his presidency, yet there he is. Collusion is coming from the press as they eagerly speak out about the same old same old.

The Catholic Church seems to tool along, paying off pervert victims and continue to preach. I guess they still stand on some high moral grounds. I should look up the word “relevant”.

Finally, Mayor DiBlasio gave a few hours notice to poor people to vacate their homes so he could complete his deal with some criminal landlords for their properties. The reason he is buying these properties is to build shelters for the homeless. If he looks again he will see a significant rise in homelessness!

Saturday, January 26, 2019


We all take things for granted. The people we love we just don’t sometimes take the time to say: “I love you!” Then when we do it might feel awkward. One day they may be gone and you wish you had said it more often.

The other night I was starting to prepare dinner, breaded fish with a spinach pasta side laced with a hot pepper enough to notice without it taking over. I lined up the ingredients and went out to the freezer for the fish when I noticed in front of the door of the freezer was a puddle of water!

Water puddles, in front of freezers, are never a good thing! I opened the door and touched the fish and it was soft, almost smiling at me.

I did what I felt was the best thing to do, without panic or reservation, not being intimidated by this drastic situation I would take charge;


Immediately I started removing all the food in the freezer, making room in the refrigerator freezer by removing things that we really didn’t need for those things we could bring back to freeze and using the refrigerator for storage of that we could eat in a reasonable time.

When it was all over and we mopped up, TLW (The Little Woman said:

“We’ve had this freezer since we moved here. It doesn’t owe us anything.”

Thirty years ago we got the thing and it worked without fault all this time. It is older than my youngest child, and I don’t know how to break the news to him.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


It was a cold January day in 1953. The class was let out for lunch at Our Lady Of Lourdes School in Brooklyn New York, as two friends named Joe went to their respective homes for lunch. We talked as two little grade school children would, and split off.

Joseph Crispino was a gifted storyteller and a good kid. He was also very proud that his Dad was in the army, away in some gosh awful land called Korea. He told of the souvenirs his dad had left him from the army, where he had been stationed, and hoping to see his dad soon.

Mom knew Joseph, she used to call him “A storyteller”, but he always won your heart with his gift. He was an ordinary looking kid, a bit round, no movie star looks, but a lot of appeals. We could play for hours, in an abandoned lot on Somers Street around the corner from my Grandmother’s house on Fulton Street.

When I had finished lunch, it was getting late, and Joseph was supposed to call on me then we would continue onto school for the afternoon session. I waited, and Mom finally told me to go call on him. Off I went down Hull Street, crossed Rockaway Avenue to the other side of Hull Street.

I reached Joseph’s apartment and climbed his stoop, entered his vestibule and rang his doorbell from the bank of mailboxes. His floor was the second one, and the door swung open.

“Joe, are you coming to school? It’s getting late!

I could hear sobbing, a great deal from within Joseph’s apartment. Joseph stepped out, standing on the landing, looking down at me, tears streaming down his face, dressed in a long army coat, too big for him.

“I can’t,” he sobbed. “My Dad was killed in combat.” was all he said, as he turned and went back into his apartment, quietly closing the door behind him. It was the last time I ever saw Joseph.

His Dad had made the ultimate sacrifice, in the line of duty for his country, your country, and mine. His blood lies deep within the Korean soil, fighting for the freedom of South Korea, a Korea where they now dislike us until they are invaded again. His blood deposited in the defense of his buddies, as they all fought for survival in those bitter cold winters of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. His blood is a barrier for all of us here in the US, as he gave it to safeguard our freedoms and help defeat communism.

Because Joey grew up without his Dad, never sharing a ballgame or an ice cream soda, a laugh or even a good meal, we are now free to blame everything on this country that goes wrong in the world. We are free to criticize the brave men and women who are giving their lives and time on this earth, away from their families, to protect us from terrorism.
We are now free to abuse these country patriots, selling out those that serve in the Coast Guard without pay, FBI and Federal agencies that have made us so strong as a country, knowing we are as secure as possible in this sick aggressive world, we are free to desert our friends who for years aligned themselves with us. We now need to punish ourselves because we need self-inflated egos from our leaders and callous disregard for those that seek to share in the great dream, the great experiment that can only be played out here in this country.

Go get the one-sided websites that give you a biased report to support your point of view. Take comfort in your cohorts who wish to forget what America is all about, and most of all, deny this country the brainpower we have since the first immigrants that became doctors, scientists, engineers, and tradesmen that led to our ingenuity. Fools we are.

Recently someone tried to prove himself right against a statement I posted by sending me a website he found, his source of ‘truth’ that I will not even entertain as fact. Finding the facts is shedding of other’s facts, and this holds true for all of us. We all need to realize everything is colored by bias, prejudice and unfortunately hatred.  We need to question quietly within our hearts what is morally right. We see people who don’t speak our language and so we decide they don’t belong here, they take up our jobs and are questionable in their motives. Children become pawns in a sick attempt to stop the flow of immigration, separated from their parents.  How cruel! My grandparents were part of the “invasion” legal or not, that paid a price being treated as inferior and not worthy to look up to but to be spoken down to.

We suddenly need a wall where we never did before. The advancement of technology, the years of experience in dealing with illegal immigration is now terminated for some wasteful spending being proposed. I’m against illegal immigration, and I’m against the waste of Taxpayers money. We DO need to protect our borders and that was what we were doing. Why are we ‘fixing’ what isn’t broke and has been working the best it ever was, the number of illegal entries falling to the lowest it ever has been?

I’m sick of our leaders lying to us and doing it so bold-faced. I see the constant revolving door of aids, trusted people from industry and the military abandoning a man who says he is a deal maker, the best there is. Every day a crisis is borne of an incompetent so-called ‘President’.

Here is something that might interest you. Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia is both countries that ruled with only one party. We go out every Election Day hoping to elect our own single party of choice. It is how it started in Germany and Russia. It almost happened here and is the result of our troubles for the last two years!

God bless America. God bless Joseph Crispino.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Every week TLW (The Little Woman) and I go to my daughter’s day program to help her in her rehabilitation to walk. My daughter Ellen is 47 in March, and we thought we knew her. We thought that we had all the answers and understood her needs and wants from our years of raising her as a child.

Yesterday she taught us we know nothing!

Ellen is not able to speak she can’t adequately tell us all that is on her mind and needs basic gestures to do so, most times successfully but there are times that things get out of hand and break down.

Yesterday as we tried to get her out of the chair and prod her to move her legs. There was resistance each time we tried to motivate her to walk. My wife her PT person and two aides with myself all surrounded her trying to motivate her. Each attempt was short-lived and unsuccessful. Soon she would think about things and indicate she wanted to try. Once again we got excited and gathered around her and once again we were rebuffed.

My mind kept going back to three years ago when she was rehabbing in a place in Southampton, where I would go every day. Her present PT person Lisa worked there at the time so she knew Ellen having come from the agency where she is now. In my mind, I pictured the day she started her successful attempt three years ago. In this mental picture, I stood down the hallway and motivated her to walk. She would look down the long hallway and try. It occurred to me that we needed to replicate those conditions once again! Down the hall TLW and I went.

She stood straight with the physical help of Lisa and the two aides and walked under assistance! It was a great day for Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, January 21, 2019


Recently I was reading about the Cooperstown Hall Of Fame and the honor of being chosen by the Baseball writers who vote on nominations and selections and the need for 75% of the electorate to enter the Hall.

It got me to thinking about my life and who if I were so self-absorbed would be in my personal HOF. (I must be… I’m doing it!) Going back over the years all I could come up with were teachers and business mentors, and my good friend Phil, people that accepted my limitations and still fostered my development. I tried to eliminate all family members because this had to be something that was objective and not out of love or appreciation. I was surprised that one can make a determination like that without prejudice.

I found that teachers (But certainly not all) had a strong impact on my young years of development up until my college days. Professors who judged my work and not me made a significant impact on my ability to thrive in the environments that I inhabited. I had self-confidence and found with that came to a drive to succeed and prove them and their confidence in me justified.

It took me to new mentors, people I worked under who showed me different kinds of approaches to life I never considered before. No matter what I knew or how old I was that everyone brings something to the table. You don’t need to speak but you do need to listen. You give advice when asked and when not asked you hold your tongue. The best way to end a conversation is to talk about yourself and what you contribute, prolonging it means asking who you talk to about themselves.

Believing in God does not mean going to church, it means doing his work outside of the church building. We can all talk the talk and fool ourselves and we forget that God is listening and may be the only one who is. Religion is a two-way street; with the only communication between God and me, you need not to get involved.

For some, saying “GOD IS GOOD!” is really only covering your bases without playing the infield.

Friday, January 18, 2019


My daughter has seen enough adversity in her life. She has broken bones, hips and suffered brain bleeds. Now she is in the biggest fight of her life, learning to walk again!

Ellen is a tough bird able to withstand any adversity she has to deal with. She doesn’t have much in her life, she can’t speak or really eat by herself, we have to govern how she drinks and not give her plastic utensils to eat with for fear that she would break them in her mouth.

Walking was one of the things she always had in her life. It was her one sense of freedom and accomplishment. To take away her ability to walk is painful for her parents. When she came home to us for Sunday dinner, she loved to hide behind a wall and pop her head out to smile at me and say: “Hey, here I am, look at me!”

Since September, Ellen has been bed-bound, jerry chair and wheelchair bound. She has not walked on her own and has dealt with unsuccessful tries at rehab in a quest to get her to walk again, on her own.

Recently I visited her at her home and she showed frustration and a willingness to walk. Try to liberate herself from the restrictions she fought to get out of the chair. So, I decided to go to her rehab and see if I could speed the process. I checked with her physical therapist to ask if I could join in this fight and they agreed that maybe it was time to join the fight.

Along with TLW (The Little Woman), we went together and as a team, she is responding. Not only is she trying, but she is also telling us she wants to walk by raising her arms to us. She seems to be taking steps little by little and hopefully, she will take off.

But it amazes me that she has this deep want in her own simple yet complicated way to say I want to walk. Daddy, don’t let me down help!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


“the power of prayer is amazing and with the intercession of Saints you are heard. Ellen knows some powerful people”

“Never underestimate the power of prayers!”

“I lose certain items my whole life long. St Anthony has been there for me since I was a young child. Once , when a teenager, I was looking for something and I just hollered “Saint Anthony where are you? Why are you not helping me? “ in a far drawn out voice I hear “ Heeeee is oooooff todaaaay! It was my sister! She had such a sense of humor. God rest her soul! I lost my only so bling and best friend 2 months ago. Good sweet soul. Wonderful memories.”

“St Anthony always comes through!”

“Yup! I pray to him also...only once, did I not find a lost gold bracelet...ELLEN, maybe you could help meeee!!???”

“Great Mom was 100% Irish..over the years she became 100% Italian! Learned Italian, cooked Italian, even started to look Italian, loved Italy and her #1 saint..St Anthony...he always came thru for her...power of prayer belief and devotion coming from good God loving people does create little miracles..♥️”

“The power of prayer is amazing.... never doubt it!! 🙏🙏”

“St. Anthony has never failed to help me!!🙏️”

“Helped me find a lot of things 🙏🙏🙏🙏”

“i was named after St Anthony”

“I always say this when I lose something.
Oh, dear St. Anthony, please come around. Something is lost and cannot be found. Amen.
Works like a charm!”

“Anthony hasn't helped much with my missing ring.(it may be stolen and that's why) but is sounds like the Mrs has it in good with Saint Anthony. Can you ask her if she can pray for help finding my wedding ring.? It's a princess cut solitaire in Acworth GA. Thanks😍”

Recently (yesterday) I wrote about St. Anthony and TLW (The Little Woman) and posted it on Facebook. It got a few responses that you just read above and I feel they are all honest to goodness personal experiences for them. Not only does TLW believe in St. Anthony but so did her mom and my mom. If you don’t see a trend here then I will point it out. They are all moms!

It got me to thinking: Is St. Anthony operating only in the USA or is his aid universal? I mean, where does he find the where-with-all to cover these people all at once?
And another question: how did he get such a reputation. Now all the answers to the article seem to indicate women are involved, and if they are constantly invoking his help, maybe it is time for them to be more careful, write down things when you put them somewhere, take notes, learn how to create mental clues.

And St. Anthony, does he get annoyed over the whole thing, he must be very busy.

OK, maybe I’m being far-fetched.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


It was the night before our big vacation trip to California, and we were all packed and ready to go. That is, we were all packed and ready to go except for one thing, my youngest son Michael couldn't find his license that he needed to board the plane at JFK.

My Irish wife had for years demanded and insisted that we eat pizza on Fridays, she loves pizza and it was a break for her from cooking during the rest of the week. It is this reason that I suspect she became a better Italian than I am. She was showing typical symptoms of Italianate style and class, she is beautiful, loves Italian food and makes a great sauce on Sundays.

"Does everybody have their ID for tomorrow? Mike, do you have your license?"

"Mom, I can't find my license!"

"What! Did you look in your room? You can't get on the plane without it. Look some more."

"I don't know what I did with it!"

Mom then stops in her tracks, in the middle of my den and announces:

"Well, there is only one thing to do. I will pray to St. Anthony!" So, she drops down to her knees and crosses herself and prays! Now it wasn't an altar that she was praying at, but the couch. I know that that couch has given me comfort over the years and so, why not?

With her hands folded and in earnest prayer, she invoked all her years of belief and devotion to God and prayed for the deliverance of one driver's license made in the name of Mike D. #2 SON, IN THE NAME OF ST. MARY’S IN EAST ISLIP AND SETON HALL IN PATCHOGUE, NY!

This of course was shocking, an Irishman praying to St. Anthony, practically a patron saint of Italy and lost causes. Don't they have Irish saints to pray to for something lost? At least hire an Italian intermediary to pray to St. Anthony.

When her petition was over, blessing herself she rose to her feet firm in her belief that St. Anthony was working his saintly magic for the cause of a half Italian child.

As she marched upstairs to Mike's bedroom, it seems like it was almost immediately that she returned, grasping high over her head #2 Son's license like it was a religious icon for all to bow and venerate. The miracle of St. Anthony!

What happened? I think that probably with all her pizza consumption, she had through osmosis, become an Italian, crossing St. Anthony's wires and invoking his assistance.

Never underestimate the power of prayer or pizza.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Every now and then, TLW (The Little Woman) will go out and have dinner with her friends. This is nice, it gives her a chance to socialize and not watch Dr. Phil
When such occasions occur, I like to get takeout and not cook for myself. My favorite takeout is Chinese and my favorite Chinese takeout place is a place called Da Hang. What I really like is I can order online and decide what time to pick it up. I can order at 2:00 P.M. for an order that I will pick up at 5:00 P.M.

Now on Saturday, I order breakfast from Chow Now, an online service where I can build my own breakfast sandwich! I drive to the local convenience store that works through Chow Now and they hand me my breakfast. Nice! I paid for it with my credit card and everything is cool.

With all my newfound sophistication with ordering online, I decided to have a little fun. Today TLW went out with her cohorts so I went online, ordered and went to pick it up, walked into the restaurant and said: “Joe!”

“AH! Joe! You order dim sum and hot and sour soup?”

“Yes, that’s me, I got Da Hang of ordering online!”

They didn’t get it.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Many years ago, when I met TLW (The Little Woman) I decided one day I wanted to marry her. I envisioned a time of bliss, as we would spend every day together. The dream only included her and I and our abode. In the dream-time, I never envisioned children or career or outside intrusions. Maybe that was because I was single, and able to live my life strictly as a single person.

When we married we walked down the aisle and I was happy, very happy and she made it so. Although the honeymoon was over in the theoretic sense, it was still going on in the reality of it all. Then one day we found out a child was on the way!  We also discovered that with that responsibility came the need for more money, more space and more ambition if we were to raise the child successfully. Before we knew it still another child came along and so did the urgency for me to do more for my family, somehow the honeymoon was over and real life’s reality took over.

Mortgages, car payments, utilities, and commutation tickets became a focus of mine. I was in the midst of a busy involving life with wife and children! As I got older I decided to be my own man and TLW went to work as the children were all gone.

One day I sat back and realized I was not the kid I used to be and decided I wanted to live a life that was less stressful and so I retired, while TLW continued to work. She loved her job and wished to continue working. Then finally she too decided to enjoy life once again. Now that she is officially retired, I feel like I found that girl I started the honeymoon with so long ago, living our lives together as I dreamt it so long ago.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


I’m not a religious person, once I was but as I got older I realized that religion to me was a divider. Going to church on a Sunday and falling asleep over a sermon that really doesn’t reach me is my problem and usually the sermon never instructed me on HOW to love my neighbor or on HOW to do charitable works selflessly, or HOW to do random good deeds, but instead takes the focus off of God and places it on Jesus and the rituals that give religion its empty substance to me.

Being born a Christian immediately segregated me from my Jewish, Muslim and other brothers and sisters. It was the Christian way or no way. The same is true for Jews or Muslims etc. as we identify as a religious follower rather than as a fellow human being. I go through a Hispanic community, meet a black person, talk to an Asian and I learn from them, and as I do I destroy my old false prejudices, every day, in every way. I don’t mean to say religion is all bad, there are many charitable works they perform, feeding the poor and sometimes giving shelter, that is beautiful and to do so in Jesus name. This is DOING not talking about it in a time-limited window.

Recently as TLW (The Little Woman) retired, there was an outpouring of love that went in her direction, cards, and gifts, phone calls and all good wishes on Social Media. This humbles me, that someone who served the public was loved so much, that those who dealt with her over the past 17 years needed to say goodbye, some tear-filled some with smiles and sadness.

And her workmates, many who I know, all greeted her news of retirement with sadness for themselves and gladness for TLW. I think that says a lot about how God works, what God really is. We are a family of humanity occupying this great Earth. Being humble and helpful pays off, many times over since it reaches out to all of us somehow and maybe THAT is the best religion.

Friday, January 11, 2019


Yes, the daily grind of day-to-day work, getting up and dressing, getting into her car and driving off sometimes in the snow and ice, is over. TLW (The Little Woman) retires today. Plus she goes in later than usual.

Retiring is a big step in life, it means that it is the beginning if the latter part of your life, the finale, and hopefully it will be grand.

When I finally retired after years riding the early morning and late at night commuter trains, the wear and tear of my body, then the 17 years of driving every morning, it felt good to end the nightmare of traffic, crowded trains, and bumpy rides and greet the dawn every day with anticipation and plans.

It is important to have a plan, to set a schedule every day that gives me a purpose, something to look for and to plan for. I have hobbies and volunteer work and I have reinvented myself in a great way, I love to write and try to do it every day.

Having written my own novel that I haven’t yet pitched to a publisher, (A self-published novel will not do), I have co-authored a book and wrote an op-ed page for Newsday last year, all make me happy. I am currently writing a novel based on a true story, that is my hope for tomorrow that will keep me going.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

VICE-The Movie

VICE-The Movie

Talk about going back home, the movie VICE was a journey both in detail and order that transported me back to a time that seems ages ago. It is a movie about Dick Chaney and his use of power, his ability to reshape the world and to chronologically reshuffle events.

Starring Christian Bale as Chaney, Amy Adams as Lynne Chaney, Steve Carell and Rumsfeld, Sam Rockwell as George Bush, and Tyler Parry as Colin Powell. It was written and produced by Adam McKay.

Remembering the Rumsfeld, the Chaneys, the Bushes, and all the players in the cast called ‘The World Yesterday’ took me to a place I had forgotten about. Reading the headlines when they occurred and reading the storyline today, you realize how much we didn’t know and would have found hard to believe in those days.

Like scotch, VICE requires a taste that you can gradually come by. Once you do acquire a taste about halfway through the movie, then you struggle to keep your sanity as it pops in and out of time periods. If you are a fan of THIS IS US, then you can understand after a while what is going on.

Written, produced and liberalized greatly, it exposes Haliburton and the Oil business, with the emphasis on oil profits and the need to have our sons and daughters killed from the black oil.

I would recommend the movie. I think the acting was superb, the casting incredible and the truth is told in an interesting way. If you are a conservative this movie might rub you the wrong way, but you should see it just to convince yourself one way or the other.

It has received the most Academy Awards of any motion picture in the hunt.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019


It is not often that I get into discussions about husbands and wives with TLW (The Little Woman). This is a safety precaution for mental survival and less apologetic moments with my hat in my hand.

sometimes, she drives me straight
Recently we were on our way to the movies and I wasn’t sure but suggested we would take Nichols Road. Nichols Road is a north/south main artery in Suffolk County. There are two ways to get to Nichols Road and both are about the same distance and time.

We get into the car and I slowly pull out of the driveway and turn to my left.

Her: “Why are you going that way?”

“Does it matter?”

Her: “Why go south when you need to go north?”

“HMMM, I wonder if Lewis and Clark had their wives ask them that question?”

Her: “They wouldn’t have taken their wives on that trip.”

“Yeah, probably why they found what they were looking for.”

Her: “That’s why it took them so long!”

Monday, January 07, 2019


NYT photo

There are days and there are days. Some of those days I just can’t get the gears in drive and some days they are in overdrive.

Today is taking a lot of effort to do anything, since it is a rainy Saturday and I plan to go to the movies later. I prepared my dinner for tonight but still it is difficult getting started. Take this blog for instance, it is fighting me right now and I am losing the battle, plus the keys on this keyboard are too small and I keep kitting another key along with the one I want, slowing me up. (I hate that)

I normally enjoy a rainy day when I have no place to go to, the dampness and rain along with the gloom put me in the mood for a black and white movie, reading or usually writing, but not today. I get out my grey sweater and make a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and sip away. If it is late in the afternoon sometimes a shot of scotch or whisky but only one shot makes a day even better when it pours.

That brings me to dinner and what I want to eat and it is usually either soup or Pasta Fagioli, if it is in the freezer and I made it.

It is days like today that I remember as a child when Mom would start her cooking, putting on the kitchen light seemed to warm up the house and kitchen as she went to work creating a soup or pasta dish such as Pasta Fagioli, and Dad would come home with a loaf of bread under his arm and with his wine and salad we were in Heaven!

Sunday, January 06, 2019


My life is taking a turn toward the worst. TLW (The Little Woman) is retiring when she does our conversations might cease. There are many people out there that use the Wanna-Be-Bank & Truss Company. The many members, of whom I am one who does their day-to-day banking, will cease to exist in our dinner conversations.

“I had a man come in today…” so our conversations would start.

“Did I tell you about that lady who wanted to buy the Queen Mary and her cashing in of her bonds?”… is another conversational starter.

I will miss these teases into conversations, no longer will I hear about the many forms needed as a platform person or FSR person or some alphabetical sequence that identifies the forms used. (Mine is the L-50) Gone are the many interesting personalities that intermingle in the kitchen and on the floor of the Wanna-Be-Bank & Truss Co. What will we talk about?

Where will all the drama come from as she holds me spellbind as she describes the day-to-day maneuvers and tactics that endear her to these many members? What about next Christmas, where will the chocolate come from as there are no longer grateful members that seek her out for her help?

I will probably need some kind of psychological help to go along with the psychological help I need. It may come down to my having to go to rehab for an extended period of time, locked away from everything and learn how to eat dinner alone, or at least quietly!

Pray for me.


Saturday, January 05, 2019


A story of a timeline that spans 6-months from July to December in the late ’40s or early ’50s, as Pepino grows up and learns that life is centered on more than just play. He takes you by the hand and together you visit his world, the friends he makes, the things he does and the lessons he learns. It is not just a book about Brooklyn, it gives you the origins of some of the toys that were handed down from generation to generation, how they came about, the history of certain places and a historical account of family love and crisis. Coming soon within the next two weeks.

This is a labor of love, a chance to pass down to my children the opportunity to visit and experience almost first hand what I experienced. Although the stories in the book are fiction they portray actual experiences as me and my co-author lived them, a compilation of life, as we knew it growing up.

 It took over 1½ years to complete this labor of love. Frank my co-author came to me one day through a mutual friend from high school named Michele De Palo with his idea and had written 80 chapters but felt it needed to be rewritten and so I took it on. I added my two cents and along with my design background, we put this book together.

There is the hardcover LIMITED EDITION that I am holding in my hand and the second printing in soft cover. I hope you take a chance on a read and buy the book, we think it is different, entertaining and informative. Pepino will thank you too.

Friday, January 04, 2019


It’s like watching your blood pressure fall and then go way over the limits. Every day I look at the big board and see a precipitous drop, I look to see what was tweeted by you know whom.

The market has gotten worse than the weather, very unpredictable and no longer just rainy days, but Nor’easters bringing deluge and worry at a great intensity or warm spring-like temperatures.

Most days I rise before the dawn, and the first thing I do is put on the talking heads on TV. I look for the current expectations for the opening of the market and what to expect for the rest of the day.

I like to watch MSNBC and FOX News: they cover the spectrum of unfair reporting depending on where you are on an issue. After the bad news and trepidations, I look out the window and think of jumping, but won’t until I have at least one cup of coffee, and of course my morning meds. I tried to jump once, but when I landed I realized I jumped out of the den, which was on the first floor, and secondly it wasn’t a window but the den doors to the backyard.

Being an investor is not easy, it means carrying an umbrella and two aspirin, nowadays, you need both.

Thursday, January 03, 2019


The excitement of publishing a book is always fun excitement. You spend a lot of time writing and creating and finally one day it comes to pass. You harbor some trepidation and maybe a little anxiety, but you do look forward to the moments it arrives in your hands.

Hopefully, next week we will be at that stage and I can put that all behind me. But wait, there is also a disappointment as things slow down, you need another writing project because it is my new mistress, creating with the written word.

I have done a lot of things, one of them being an Opinion piece for Newsday last January and a novel I wrote along with a co-authorship of another, not to mention a design for a college 100-year celebration.

My next project is being done in secrecy, a novel based on a true story and one that I think needs to be written and the story conveyed. I’m excited about my newly invented self in my retirement: it should be busy and fun.

Here’s to 2019!

Wednesday, January 02, 2019


One of the hardest days of the year seems to be the first day back from the Holidays for me. You are swollen from the eating, tired from the good times and lethargic enough to sleep until the next holiday period.

I recall when I would return to my office on days like this, I would unlock my door and look around. Since I would take the last two weeks of the year as vacation, I would sigh when I looked at my inbox. There sat two weeks of inter-office envelopes, my emails were a mile long and already I was wondering when the phone started ringing. All that had to be answered and responses sometimes were not good enough since things changes since the memos were sent. I would flip my left wrist and realize by my watch that the day hadn’t started yet, let alone go home for the day.

I always tried to get to my office before anyone else arrived, so I could take care of as much as possible before I would be interrupted. Once they arrived and knew I was in, the phone rang, people stopped in to chat and those reporting to me had complaints a mile long that they felt I needed to take care of.

After a few cups of coffee and a determination to survive, usually about 11:30 am, I started getting hungry and the vows of starvation went out the window.

Home was a different story. On that first day, I returned to normalcy and needed to be adjusted from the holiday cheer to the easy chair. There were leftovers, leftovers and more leftovers that we ate, froze, and tossed. Usually, it was the one day I really went to bed early.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019


My New Year’s resolution this year is to follow up on last year’s resolution, that is NO NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

Why bother, what will it do for me? I’m a firm believer that I have to be kind to myself, give myself all the joys I can amass since now I’m in my 70’s. If I got this far in life without kissing off then I know the longer I live, the shorter life becomes, so I will enjoy as much as possible, and so should you, hopefully.

This coming year TLW (The Little Woman) will retire on January 11th, which brings us back to our original hope over 47 years ago to live life happily ever after. The happily is fine, it’s the ever after that is killing us.

One thing I refuse to do is stop living. There is always tomorrow as long as I have one and built into it is hope and a dream. Dreaming gives us hope and hope gives us a reason to live for tomorrow, we just have to believe in those around us and ourselves.

I would like to go back to whole milk, butter, and fats, why: because they are so good. Maybe the medications I take can be reduced to make room for all the chocolate I plan on consuming. Can more lasagna be far behind? I might even get crazy and start buying 2-ply for a change.

Today I will visit my daughter, go out to eat and even watch a little football, have a drink or two and anticipate the next shoe to drop; all in one day just like yesterday and the day before.

So, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, drink eat and be merry (smile) and stay safe, I love you all.