Saturday, January 05, 2019


A story of a timeline that spans 6-months from July to December in the late ’40s or early ’50s, as Pepino grows up and learns that life is centered on more than just play. He takes you by the hand and together you visit his world, the friends he makes, the things he does and the lessons he learns. It is not just a book about Brooklyn, it gives you the origins of some of the toys that were handed down from generation to generation, how they came about, the history of certain places and a historical account of family love and crisis. Coming soon within the next two weeks.

This is a labor of love, a chance to pass down to my children the opportunity to visit and experience almost first hand what I experienced. Although the stories in the book are fiction they portray actual experiences as me and my co-author lived them, a compilation of life, as we knew it growing up.

 It took over 1½ years to complete this labor of love. Frank my co-author came to me one day through a mutual friend from high school named Michele De Palo with his idea and had written 80 chapters but felt it needed to be rewritten and so I took it on. I added my two cents and along with my design background, we put this book together.

There is the hardcover LIMITED EDITION that I am holding in my hand and the second printing in soft cover. I hope you take a chance on a read and buy the book, we think it is different, entertaining and informative. Pepino will thank you too.

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