Friday, January 11, 2019


Yes, the daily grind of day-to-day work, getting up and dressing, getting into her car and driving off sometimes in the snow and ice, is over. TLW (The Little Woman) retires today. Plus she goes in later than usual.

Retiring is a big step in life, it means that it is the beginning if the latter part of your life, the finale, and hopefully it will be grand.

When I finally retired after years riding the early morning and late at night commuter trains, the wear and tear of my body, then the 17 years of driving every morning, it felt good to end the nightmare of traffic, crowded trains, and bumpy rides and greet the dawn every day with anticipation and plans.

It is important to have a plan, to set a schedule every day that gives me a purpose, something to look for and to plan for. I have hobbies and volunteer work and I have reinvented myself in a great way, I love to write and try to do it every day.

Having written my own novel that I haven’t yet pitched to a publisher, (A self-published novel will not do), I have co-authored a book and wrote an op-ed page for Newsday last year, all make me happy. I am currently writing a novel based on a true story, that is my hope for tomorrow that will keep me going.

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