Monday, January 28, 2019


That could be the title of every day of the week when it comes to the news.

The biggest price increase since 1991 by the U.S. Postal Service is being considered: the ‘FOREVER STAMP’ will go to 55 cents!

Someone wants to build a wall to show us he is not a wimp after all. His supporters called him one and he decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore. So anyone who didn’t say anything about his lack of manhood will pay for this slight.

There are over 4 Billion people using FaceBook daily, 24/7, it seems there is too much power from this social medium, and the government just realized it. When did we the people discover this? When Trump won the White House with the help of the Russkies.

Need a candidate for the 2020 elections? What! You are? You mean you’re not running? It seems that everyone seems to be running, confident they could win, hands down.

The talking heads go on about every breath Trump takes. They talk about what is immoral, illegal, and not truthful. They have been saying for the past two and a half years how this is the end of his presidency, yet there he is. Collusion is coming from the press as they eagerly speak out about the same old same old.

The Catholic Church seems to tool along, paying off pervert victims and continue to preach. I guess they still stand on some high moral grounds. I should look up the word “relevant”.

Finally, Mayor DiBlasio gave a few hours notice to poor people to vacate their homes so he could complete his deal with some criminal landlords for their properties. The reason he is buying these properties is to build shelters for the homeless. If he looks again he will see a significant rise in homelessness!

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