Monday, January 07, 2019


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There are days and there are days. Some of those days I just can’t get the gears in drive and some days they are in overdrive.

Today is taking a lot of effort to do anything, since it is a rainy Saturday and I plan to go to the movies later. I prepared my dinner for tonight but still it is difficult getting started. Take this blog for instance, it is fighting me right now and I am losing the battle, plus the keys on this keyboard are too small and I keep kitting another key along with the one I want, slowing me up. (I hate that)

I normally enjoy a rainy day when I have no place to go to, the dampness and rain along with the gloom put me in the mood for a black and white movie, reading or usually writing, but not today. I get out my grey sweater and make a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and sip away. If it is late in the afternoon sometimes a shot of scotch or whisky but only one shot makes a day even better when it pours.

That brings me to dinner and what I want to eat and it is usually either soup or Pasta Fagioli, if it is in the freezer and I made it.

It is days like today that I remember as a child when Mom would start her cooking, putting on the kitchen light seemed to warm up the house and kitchen as she went to work creating a soup or pasta dish such as Pasta Fagioli, and Dad would come home with a loaf of bread under his arm and with his wine and salad we were in Heaven!

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