Tuesday, January 01, 2019


My New Year’s resolution this year is to follow up on last year’s resolution, that is NO NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

Why bother, what will it do for me? I’m a firm believer that I have to be kind to myself, give myself all the joys I can amass since now I’m in my 70’s. If I got this far in life without kissing off then I know the longer I live, the shorter life becomes, so I will enjoy as much as possible, and so should you, hopefully.

This coming year TLW (The Little Woman) will retire on January 11th, which brings us back to our original hope over 47 years ago to live life happily ever after. The happily is fine, it’s the ever after that is killing us.

One thing I refuse to do is stop living. There is always tomorrow as long as I have one and built into it is hope and a dream. Dreaming gives us hope and hope gives us a reason to live for tomorrow, we just have to believe in those around us and ourselves.

I would like to go back to whole milk, butter, and fats, why: because they are so good. Maybe the medications I take can be reduced to make room for all the chocolate I plan on consuming. Can more lasagna be far behind? I might even get crazy and start buying 2-ply for a change.

Today I will visit my daughter, go out to eat and even watch a little football, have a drink or two and anticipate the next shoe to drop; all in one day just like yesterday and the day before.

So, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, drink eat and be merry (smile) and stay safe, I love you all.

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