Wednesday, January 09, 2019

VICE-The Movie

VICE-The Movie

Talk about going back home, the movie VICE was a journey both in detail and order that transported me back to a time that seems ages ago. It is a movie about Dick Chaney and his use of power, his ability to reshape the world and to chronologically reshuffle events.

Starring Christian Bale as Chaney, Amy Adams as Lynne Chaney, Steve Carell and Rumsfeld, Sam Rockwell as George Bush, and Tyler Parry as Colin Powell. It was written and produced by Adam McKay.

Remembering the Rumsfeld, the Chaneys, the Bushes, and all the players in the cast called ‘The World Yesterday’ took me to a place I had forgotten about. Reading the headlines when they occurred and reading the storyline today, you realize how much we didn’t know and would have found hard to believe in those days.

Like scotch, VICE requires a taste that you can gradually come by. Once you do acquire a taste about halfway through the movie, then you struggle to keep your sanity as it pops in and out of time periods. If you are a fan of THIS IS US, then you can understand after a while what is going on.

Written, produced and liberalized greatly, it exposes Haliburton and the Oil business, with the emphasis on oil profits and the need to have our sons and daughters killed from the black oil.

I would recommend the movie. I think the acting was superb, the casting incredible and the truth is told in an interesting way. If you are a conservative this movie might rub you the wrong way, but you should see it just to convince yourself one way or the other.

It has received the most Academy Awards of any motion picture in the hunt.

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