Friday, January 04, 2019


It’s like watching your blood pressure fall and then go way over the limits. Every day I look at the big board and see a precipitous drop, I look to see what was tweeted by you know whom.

The market has gotten worse than the weather, very unpredictable and no longer just rainy days, but Nor’easters bringing deluge and worry at a great intensity or warm spring-like temperatures.

Most days I rise before the dawn, and the first thing I do is put on the talking heads on TV. I look for the current expectations for the opening of the market and what to expect for the rest of the day.

I like to watch MSNBC and FOX News: they cover the spectrum of unfair reporting depending on where you are on an issue. After the bad news and trepidations, I look out the window and think of jumping, but won’t until I have at least one cup of coffee, and of course my morning meds. I tried to jump once, but when I landed I realized I jumped out of the den, which was on the first floor, and secondly it wasn’t a window but the den doors to the backyard.

Being an investor is not easy, it means carrying an umbrella and two aspirin, nowadays, you need both.

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