Tuesday, January 08, 2019


It is not often that I get into discussions about husbands and wives with TLW (The Little Woman). This is a safety precaution for mental survival and less apologetic moments with my hat in my hand.

sometimes, she drives me straight
Recently we were on our way to the movies and I wasn’t sure but suggested we would take Nichols Road. Nichols Road is a north/south main artery in Suffolk County. There are two ways to get to Nichols Road and both are about the same distance and time.

We get into the car and I slowly pull out of the driveway and turn to my left.

Her: “Why are you going that way?”

“Does it matter?”

Her: “Why go south when you need to go north?”

“HMMM, I wonder if Lewis and Clark had their wives ask them that question?”

Her: “They wouldn’t have taken their wives on that trip.”

“Yeah, probably why they found what they were looking for.”

Her: “That’s why it took them so long!”

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