Sunday, February 10, 2019


This is a defining moment in my life., the launching of a book I co-authored, A PLACE CALLED BROOKLYN. Along with my co-author, Frank Cornacchiulo, we created something of value that takes one beyond the confines of memory.

A PLACE CALLED BROOKLYN was a labor of love as it found me, and I fell in love with an idea. Frank invited me to write and design the book based on stories from the standpoint of a 9-year old. Fiction at its best, because we ecide3d to do things a little different. Instead of a book about Brooklyn as usual, we created stories that happened countless times all over America.

Everyone has read about Junior’s Cheese Cakes or the pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge. We decided to take the reader by the hand and visit on the conversations that occurred, the play and life in the late 40s when children depended on their imagination and creativeness to live their poor and simple lives.

But for now, I will bask in the flavor of self-satisfaction and gratitude to my partner Frank. You should try the book, just to see what life was like, experience the joy of youth, innoce3nt and uninhibited, learn about the things we took for granted as we played with the make-shift toys we made from junk, the joy when we did get something we dreamed of and our immigrant parents and grandparents making these things possible.


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