Wednesday, February 06, 2019


We go three days a week and for the three days, we try to get the best of it we can. TLW (The Little Woman) and I go to help my daughter to learn how to walk all over again at her day program during her Physical Therapy sessions. She will be 46 in March and has had to learn how to walk all over again more than twice.

Having a mental disability due to birth defects makes for a hard life, fused with frustrations and disappointments coupled with no use of the English language and a body poisoned with meds to keep her seizures in check. She cannot speak nor express herself adequately, and so the frustrations she endures. Next time you hear someone say, “Good is good!” ask who qualifies for that goodness.

If there is one thing she does have it is her spirit, she fights on 24/7, never takes a holiday and is always ready for the next challenge. She never asks for a break because she knows there are none in her case, always suffering and challenge capped off with denial.

Today, as we lifted her out of her Gerri chair she placed her legs down on the floor and started to step forward, then crashed down sitting in her chair. She waited and then decided, on her own to try again. Up we lifted her and she tried once again, this time determined to walk and give it all she had. As I watched her face I could see the determination, the gritting of her teeth and want to try.

When the day is over, I feel the disappointment and think, ‘Will she ever walk again?

Yes, God is good for the few and the select.

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