Saturday, February 09, 2019


This is a complaint.

I have been living a long time and some people might feel too long, however, the fact remains. This is not done out of spite but because I don’t know any better. But something is bothering me lately that I find sad.

As we develop new means of communications, we are losing our manners and ability to communicate!
No longer do we talk to each other, instead we text one another. It is quick and states: “I really don’t feel like talking to you so read this and don’t bother me. I remember when a phone call was a part of the social niceties of society. When you called it seemed that you were communicating in a nice way, saying hello and how are you?  You enquired about one’s health and the health of the family, you asked how life was treating one and you left answering the same questions.

If someone sent you a gift, a thank you call or note went out. I don’t understand today’s courtesy: it stinks. Texts messages are rude and I wish they never existed. I might be convenient but it is rude. Then again, that cell phone is an instrument that should have been invented and buried in the inventor’s backyard under the dog poop.

Go into a restaurant and you see families eating dinner. Are they looking with each other, are they conversing with one another? No! Instead, they are looking into their cell phones with their heads down. The damned thing rings with some annoying sound to show how cool we are and conversations are interrupted and people are ignored because e someone is calling, interrupting.

Now don’t get me wrong it is a great invention, it takes pictures so we can annoy one another with ‘selfies’ and become more obnoxious that we think we are, it can answer questions and if can do other things like give us the weather forecast or provide apps for other things to make our lives easier.

But they are nothing but an annoyance.


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