Sunday, February 03, 2019


Fifty years ago I sat down with great anticipation to watch Super Bowl III, between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts. This according to the ‘Experts’ would become another blood bath for the AFL team. The superior Colts would crush the upstart Jets.

There was one person who proved them all wrong and that was the star quarterback, Joe Namath who guaranteed the reporters the day before at poolside that he would “guarantee” the Jets victory, defying even the great Vince Lombardi.

I watched that game without a morsel of food in my mouth at any time. I was waiting for dinner that would come after the game. It was the last Super Bowl I would ever be interested in as the Jets after winning, turned fate against them for the next 50 years at least.

Fast forward to today. WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYONE DOING HAVING SUPERBOWL PARTIES AND STOCKING UP ON FOOD??? Why? I watch football games and don’t eat until the game is over or before it starts depending on the time it is played. It is a big deal to watch the game and eat. It has become what America has become, obsessed with food. You eat because you are hungry, not sad, or want to watch a football game. I wonder how many of these ‘fans’ even care about the game that is going on in front of their buffet table.

Go to the supermarket and they are buying $20 million of cold cuts, beer, and chips and dips. It’s like if they eat the chips that send a signal downfield that the defense is in a 4-3 alignment, or a fat chili plate means a pass play is coming. With meat means its long, just beans mean it is a small roll out for a few yards.

I know I sound crotchety, but that is because I am.

Pass the pepperoni and get out of the way of the TV.

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