Monday, January 04, 2016


There are a lot of things I do during the course of my day. In my retirement I discovered that life is a little different than it ever was. The Little Woman (TLW) will come home and mention some issue and I’ll relate to it from my days in the work world, and I’ll offer advice or suggestions, empathy being a big part of it.

There is the occasional shopping I’ll do when I get inspired to cook something new or different, the gym takes up time and even housework when I am so motivated, Little things that need to be attended to are taken care of and so it goes. However, what is happening to me is starting to scare me!

The other day TLW left a basket of clean clothes right out of the dryer in the garage, I guess planning to fold them at some point when she had a chance, and seeing them I thought: why not fold them and put them away? This was done without thinking any further.

Years ago when I did work, I would design something and give it to a ‘mechanical artist’ to put together for me with actual type and picture position and all the things I indicated it would need to be printed. The mechanical artists would often comment how much they loved to sit down and put together a good mechanical, it was productive and a professional thing to do. Well, I’ve gotten like that mechanical artist when it comes to a basket of clean unfolded clothes. I enjoy sitting down with it in my den, a TV show of some kind and slowing folding perfectly all the clothes in the basket, including pairing socks.

Not only that, but I am starting to look forward to going to the super market to buy olives. Pray for me.


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