Wednesday, January 06, 2016


It is funny how things can consume one. Take for instance a simple set of tests, that include isotopes and other magical fluids that are injected into your body and then you wait in agonizing discomfort, all designed to make you crazy and as unhappy as possible.  Yes, all this IS very simple.

My cardiologist every year sends me to a stress test. Usually you don’t eat anything for 4 hours before the test, can’t drink coffee for twelve hours before the test, and when they are through injecting you and making you walk/run on the tread mill after 3 to 4 hours, they scan you and make you lie as motionless as possible while for twenty minutes this scanner goes over your body. All-in all: a fun day.

You can eat after the stress test on the treadmill. You can have 2 slices of bread with jelly, NO peanut butter, a salad with no dressing (Small) and a small piece of fruit. You may also bring water.

Since my carotid arteries are about 50% blocked or more, and some day I will have a stroke if something isn’t done, we are waiting for a test result that will show more blockage so they can operate. I have been trying to help the doctor to come to a conclusion, eating butter, fatty meat and cheeses, God do I love cheese. Unfortunately I’ve been also going to the gym and that is not helping, making me feel good and alive, with a lot of energy, so this whole situation is a treadmill of sorts.

Once the test is planned, one dreads it coming, the morning of the test you wake up hungry, thirsty and filled with self-pity, during the test everyone in the waiting room annoys me and upon leaving, you are as happy as can be, appreciating the idea that tomorrow you are free from it. In 48 hours I will call them and see what is the results. Hopefully, fattened carotid arteries and they will open my neck on both sides, scoop out the fat and close it up and I don’t worry anymore. This will be a stroke of luck. Maybe I can convince them to open my stomach and do some scooping too.


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