Monday, October 03, 2016


This is not my cup of tea!
You are looking at a man who was a participant of ‘High Tea’! TLW (The Little Woman) who attended a high tea yesterday returned home with samples of tea sandwiches, including the famous cucumber sandwich.

Never having been a participant of one before, ‘high tea’ is very nice, makes me feel whole again. The dainty little sandwiches must be eaten with a pinkie extension pointing toward  England, with porcelain teacups and doilies galore.

My tea experience was rather non-British in nature however as I did not follow protocol! No doilies, no porcelain, not even a teacup! I stuck out my pinkie, but who knows where it was pointing? The protocol was out the window.

The sandwiches were an interesting combination of different fillings with different pieces of bread, somewhat like a wine-tasting, only dryer. The cucumber sandwich which I liked, was an interesting mix of thinly sliced cucumbers and cream cheese of some kind, although I thought that these sandwiches are made with either butter or mayonnaise! There was smoked chopped ham and turkey and a mystery filling. But the best thing about the tea was the scone! Something that looked dry and tasteless was absolutely delicious! I’d go for the scones anytime.

So there you have it! High Tea a la DelBloggolo! I may not become famous from the experience, nor will riches come my way, but dammit, I wish they would!


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