Monday, October 24, 2016


Every year at this time I venture off to Albany, New York for the NYSARC Board of Governor's convention, usually held at the Albany Hilton. Along with the other members of the Board of Governors, we meet twice a year, (once in the Spring) and vote after discussion on the issues at hand. It is a jammed pack information deluge and interesting.

But that Fall trip up through the State is a wonderful experience for me. Driving I take the most scenic route possible and enjoy the trees as they bend to Mother Nature's will and turn into the awesome pallet of warm colors, amazing you in their majesty and glory!

It is upstate New York where you get the real sense of beauty as designed by nature, the rolling hills, the free flight of a hawk, the sense of adventure as you peer up the Hudson River, a river so rich in history, so important a highway in the winning of the American Revolution and the development of the great empire state.

One can easily imagine the Native Americans as they traveled and hunted their great land, their bastion of survival, and the wildlife that populated with trees, brush, and woodlands, as well as the skies. It is all nature, no Photoshop, no staging, no prepping, just Mother Nature taking her position for all to see and appreciate.

I have traveled through the mountains of Colorado, the desert of Arizona, and the valleys of California, all beautiful in their own right, but when it comes to nature when it comes to the swan song of Summer when I look forward to a change in scenery: give me New York State.


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