Saturday, October 08, 2016


Ever since I retired I try to do my share around the house, since TLW (The Little Woman) ran out of the house and back to work. My share is, of course, doing the housework that rears its ugly head from time to time.

Being a housewife for so many years TLW knows where all the dirt is, where to look and knows how much of it I think I'm getting. Our philosophy on cleaning the house may vary from time to time. Her approach is to clean what is dirty, my approach is to hold on, maybe we have something to hide or cover the dust.

I think that too many motions, too much trouble about something that will only reappear again in a few days, is a waste of the time in between days. Furthermore, why do I or should I pick up an object off a table and dust underneath it? I could see possibly dusting the object if left on the table, but to lift it and dust under it is just plain silly. I mean, how dusty could it be, a table is an object! Since TLW and I disagree so strongly, I'm seriously thinking of breaking things so I don't have to dust them and won't be encumbered by it in my attempt for a clean sweep! None of the things I plan on breaking bring me food, so really, why are they there?

When I started this disgusting habit of cleaning, I used to be well organized, selecting rooms for each of the 5 days and that was my schedule. The den Monday, the kitchen every day the living room Tuesday, etc. with all the rooms covered. Then one day a cold sweat broke out as I realized I had subjugated myself to housework every day! My first thought was to seek help from a professional, but reason stood before me, what if he or she was a housecleaning nut job? I could run away, but then how do I reach the refrigerator?

OK, my philosophy is a little challenging, you need two hands to dust, and a shovel IS necessary when planning on vacuuming, but these are the sacrifices we need to work out to work within reason. Besides, when TLW comes home it is dark, no one comes over, (I wonder why?) and I am the only one who sees it. "Please, don't trouble yourself for my sake"; as they say.

Recently I attempted to wash windows and in particular a large round top window in my den. Actually, TLW hinted it needed to be cleaned when she announced: "My, how dirty that window is!" I, of course, ignored the remark but made a plan to wash it, since it was 2016, going on 2017! I laid out my plan of attack, what tools I would use, what soaps and a squeegee with how to apply and wipe off everything. My plan seemed brilliant at first, as I conquered the outside. When I went inside and looked out, I saw the streaks and missed spots, while my hands hurt from arthritis. Maybe we need a nice set of curtains?


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