Tuesday, October 04, 2016


The Presidential Election is upon us, full-blunt in your face, God I hope to die before it’s over!
 I’m not supporting anyone here, just sitting back and watching the country spin down the drain. I hate both candidates, find them without any real substance and void of anything but large egos.

My reasons are many and private, if I do go into the voting booth, it will be between me and my conscience is how I feel the American people should take either poison.

But enough about candidates, what about the whole process of annoying me? Both candidates “approve” their messages while I am sick of hearing them. I’m getting calls almost up to midnight from pollsters wanting my opinion. (My opinion is DON’T CALL!) I’m sick of witty sayings about the other candidate and if I see one more sticker that says either Hilary or Trump, truly I will upheave where ever I happen to be at the time!

One candidate has lost almost One Billion Dollars and the other lost one billion e-mails, so who’s more capable? I thought for a moment there was a third party candidate but it turns out he is a candidate for class president of some high school in Indiana somewhere. I know this because I heard him try to answer some questions, which I think in all fairness to him, were too hard for a candidate running for class president.

Frankly, I don’t want to hear that another candidate approves the message he is sending out because he is only going to have to deny he ever said anything, and maybe at some point state that he will be “Fully exonerated in a court of law”.

This year’s election seems like a circus to me, both candidates are best suited for the Big Top, among the other clowns. Right now there is a national scare about seeing clown sightings, that my friends are only the campaign trails of the so-called candidates.

Pray for America.


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