Friday, November 04, 2016


Chicago is an amazing town. Nowhere else in this great country can compare to the Windy City, the city by the lake, with its’ broad shoulders and industrial muscle.

As you walk the streets of Chicago, down Michigan Avenue, you will see the life-blood of a great metropolis, its people. Their spirit alone makes for the beat and rhythm of business, sports, and financial growth, the transportation so unique you just say: “The Loop” and Chicago comes to mind. But if you look closer, under the grime of the city’s hustle and bustle, you can also see the beauty of architectural splendor and a river that runs through, carrying its own weight to the better glory of what is Chicago. You might for a moment think you were in Vienna, it’s many bridges spanning the rivers, some raised as to salute the barges and tourists that take the cruises along its shores.

But the joy of Chicago is within the soul of the denizen of disappointment. Not in their city but in their beloved Cubs, a team that last won a championship 108 years ago! Yet, year after year they remain faithful, keeping the faith with that old familiar refrain of: “Wait ‘til next year!”

Having had the pleasure of visiting in Chicago during the World Series while they played in Chicago against another old team that is almost as sad in their quest for this Holy Grail they call the World Series trophy, telling how much heart there is in Chicagoans. Everywhere I looked, every place I traveled to, there were people wearing the colors, caps with ‘C’ and shirts pin-striped and emblazoned with ‘Cubs’ or ‘Chicago’ across their chests. Even the Art Institute of Chicago had its 2 sentries, stone lions wearing enormous hats celebrating and announcing their support of their Cubs. On buildings and conveyances was the ‘W’ hanging on flags and buildings, trains, buses, and cabs. To overlook the one place to show their love and their hearts would be to have no compassion for the true fans with passion, all of them.

Watching the reaction of the boisterous fans in the local bars, on the streets and gatherings, seeing the tears running down their faces as their Cubs, their beloved “Cubbies” as the final out was tallied and The Cleveland Indians went down fighting, tells me they are special, that they deserve this championship after all those heart-breaking years of waiting for something to go wrong, and their yearly disappointment. During that last game, it seemed that Cleveland kept taking away their chances, tantalizingly cruel takeaways, that never deterred them, their faith remaining true as it has for over 108 years.

After over a century of heartbreak, the good people of Chicago can cheer, for a beautiful city, themselves and the World Champion Chicago Cubs! Congratulations!


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