Thursday, November 24, 2016



On Tuesday of this week, my Sicilian Sister-in-law Angela, a refugee from Utica, New York, posted 20 things that she is thankful for. I think we should all be thankful for our blessing, some of which carry more weight than others.

What better way to say Happy Thanksgiving and I love you than to post mine, as I did Tuesday under her post. To all you faithful readers …
I’m thankful for the following 20:

1.     I haven’t fallen since last night.
2.     I haven’t tripped since this morning.
3.     I got the garbage can out before the garbage truck came.
4.     I didn’t have to go into Home Depot today!
5.     My wife is still talking to me.
6.     My kids stopped asking who I am.
7.     Numerous times I was asked: Please leave” I love to leave early.
8.     My sinus problems usually quit after 11:00 AM
9.     Whenever I see a toilet, either private or public, I make sure to use it.
10.  Thankful that I can still use the toilet without assistance.
11.  I haven’t seen any complaints that Trump won in the last twenty minutes on Facebook.
12.  The election is over.
13.  No more political ads that are approved by thieves and low life.
14.  Hillary is at least gone! (She really is!)
15.  I don’t have to worry about Bernie Sanders surviving the next four years.
16.  I don’t have to look into mirrors with my glasses on if I don’t want to.
17.  As long as I stay in one place, I don’t get lost.
18.  Aspirin
19.  I still have my memory.
20.  I still have my memory.


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