Friday, November 11, 2016


As an Independent, I choose not to be affiliated to one party or ideology, because there are parts of both parties I like and dislike. I try to find the best guy for the job based on what I think is important to the nation as a whole.

I fully understand the disappointment of the majority not getting their way in the popular vote, you don’t need to be a genius to understand that, and it is an old saw. I’m seeing the demonstrations against a man who many disliked, including myself, however, our system is what it is because the founding fathers look extra close to the idea of small states having a say in the process of governing as a group of equals, so one state does not get control. In our system of checks and balances, we achieved a wonderful compromise.

I’m asking all of us to compromise our disgust and hatred and put aside the division, knowing we need to work for ourselves as a whole, united America in today’s world.

I wasn’t sure when President Obama was elected President in his two terms, but we weren’t necessarily offered a good choice in either of his elections, however as I assess what he has done, it really isn’t bad, except for the infamous ‘Obama Care’. The stock market is way up from when he took office, jobs are growing, and people, in general, are buying and building new homes, I see a lot of construction etc., telling me we are prospering. On the other hand, I see our image in the world diminished by weak foreign policy, and wonder will Hillary do better, and at what cost? The idea that she could flaunt the rules while Secretary of State disturbed me, the First Lady from Arkansas becoming a U.S. Senator from New York makes me wonder what her ambition really is: to serve her country or to serve her appetite for power?

No administration was perfect.

John Kennedy was in trouble with the electorate before he died, there were many issues with Ike, LBJ, Nixon, all of them. The only President we could give high marks to was FDR. Lincoln was great, but he started a civil war by being elected.

If you lost the election in your mind, maybe we need to listen closely to what the winners want. Maybe we rode the wave of how to run this country based on the ‘Old Boys Club’, the entrenched politicians and what they did do to the system. If Mr. Trump did anything in spite of his foul and undignified past, it is to bare the facts as we seemed to ignore them. The adage of: “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it” can no longer be true! Maybe we all need to bite the bullet and face the facts that his IS right about corruption. Maybe it is time since the election puts us in this light, to see what Trump CAN do. Is all his rhetoric real or just empty promises? Maybe there is some truth to checking the backgrounds of Muslims BEFORE THEY ENTER THIS COUNTRY, maybe not. I don't like painting a broad stroke about Muslims who are already part of the fabric of this country under suspicion. Let’s see. Let’s not forget the man is a pig and by his very own words. So was JFK, just read his history and start with Judith Exner.

I guess what I wish to convey is that we need each other to deal with the truth, deal with our sense of compromise and unity for our own sake. I don’t want war, hungry children, neglected vets, riots, and families pull apart by divisiveness, it’s not good for our country or ourselves as American citizens.

I remember the past, Bush winning and the crowd doing the same thing: “He’s NOT my president!” What will protesting do? It will divide us, make Trump look like a sympathetic figure because those who dislike him will hinder any progress we make as a nation, which is dangerous to all of us.

I don’t mean to be preachy, just honest in this forum.

Give the new President –elect at least a chance to prove himself.


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