Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Every Sunday we go out for breakfast. When the hour hand strikes 7, into the car we go for breakfast. Usually, we go to a favorite diner, but it seemed to be closed this past Sunday caused us to go to I-Hop.

As we sat down to we were greeted by a very cheerful young lady who introduced herself to TLW (The Little Woman) and myself with the usual: "Hi, my name is Tracey and I'll be your server!" Do you know what I would like? I would like for the waitresses and waiters to stop saying that. It sounds very stilted and annoying after a while. Besides, I'm 71 and I don't like to be happy anymore. I rather like it to be sullen and let alone before my first couple of cups of coffee. Being sullen looking and unhappy makes for a wonderful conversation with strangers, you don't have any.

We chase her away by saying we want coffee and get another standard: "NO PROBLEM!" Oh goody, no problem, she is here to take our order, takes it and announces she hasn't any problems yet! We are on a roll.

The place is over-heated in the fall and winter months, it seems sweating to death will increase my appetite and cause me to spend more money, or the owners are brain dead and can't feel how uncomfortable it is in there.

Happy Face returns and takes our order, we give it and get reassurance that once again, under her astute service management, there will be "NO PROBLEM". I get goosebumps thinking how great she is taking care of things for us, all problem free.

Our order comes and as she places the dishes down I ask for a glass of water. Shaking her head from right to left, she once again assures us: "NO PROBLEM!" I tell you this young lady will be some catch for some lucky guy who may be hungry someday.

As we start to enjoy our problem free breakfast a young couple comes in with a 1-year old and a 3-year old. The little 3-year old who I shall call: Brat, only because I don't know her name, begins to run around the place and the annoyance factor is rising in my temperament. They manage to corral the pest and stick her in a chair where she decides to speak over the decibel level of a 747 taking off. This goes on as she talks loud, screeches louder and screams even louder. What do you know! There's a problem!

This morning before I even finished breakfast, I hated a whole bunch of people, the waitress our server, the parents of Brat and Brat herself.

I have a granddaughter as TLW reminded me, but I reminded her that I had breakfast with her recently along with her Mom, Courtney my daughter-in-law. Mamma was all over her as far as table manners and deportment went, she never behaved the way Brat did. None of my kids have ever behaved like Brat did, and frankly, if they did we would put a stop to it asap!


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